RPS Film Imaging

Digital Cinema Mastering

RPS has been mastering DCPs since 2006; our staff's 20+ years of experience in 35mm and 65/70mm post production gave us a considerable head start over other facilities. Our customers include cinema advertisers, major studios, independent film makers and post production facilities (including some of our competitors!) We created our proprietary variable bit rate JPEG2000 encoder in 2008 and it has been constantly refined since. Now in it's fourth iteration, no other encoder creates DCPs of similar quality. Likewise, our colourspace conversion software and image rescaling software is world class and no commercial system can compete.

We offer fast turnaround, huge flexibility and most importantly, the knowledge and experience to underpin the best possible job.

Our Services

  • 2K/4K/3D, HFR, HDR, encrypted or non-encrypted, interop or SMPTE standard mastering
  • The very highest quality proprietary VBR encoding
  • KDM generation and management via Proteus, our web based solution
  • Direct encoding from almost any file format, resolution and colourspace, or from tape
  • DCDM creation from DSM
  • Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro, D-BOX and subtitle encoding
  • Burned in 3D subtitles with per frame depth positioning with our proprietary system
  • Burn in of film print stock emulation LUT
  • Giant Screen 4K 3D mastering
  • Dolby E decoding to 5.1 and 7.1
  • Audio speed conversion to 24fps with phase coherent pitch correction
  • 5.1 and 7.1 conversion from stereo audio source
  • Dolby LEQ(m) audio level monitoring and correction
  • Silent track creation for maximum compatibility for MOS projects
  • Archive of DCDM and finished DCP to barium ferrite LTO6 or hard drive
  • Unwrap of DCP to DCDM, DSM or any other file format in any colourspace
  • Bluray/PAL and NTSC DVD mastering from DCP
  • In-house quality control

Colourspaces we support:

  • Rec 601
  • Rec 709
  • Rec 2020
  • Rec 1886
  • DCI P3
  • P3 D60
  • P3 D65
  • ACES
  • DCI X'Y'Z'
  • Dolby PQ

File formats we support

  • DPX (8/10/12/16 bit)
  • TIFF (8/16 bit)
  • SGI (8/16 bit)
  • JPEG
  • JPEG2000Quicktime (Prores, h264, JPEG2000, JPEG, uncompressed)
  • Avid DNxHD/DNxHROpenEXR
  • Cineon
  • Targa


RPS Film Imaging