RPS Film Imaging

Colour Science

We've been constantly developing our colour science algorithms since the company was founded in 2003 and our proprietary colourspace converter directly converts between any two colourspaces without the use of LUTs and at the highest possible precision – 192 bits per pixel!

Look up tables, or LUTs, lack the precision of our discrete conversion and are totally unsuitable for some conversions – for example, from digital cinema's XYZ colourspace or to or from Dolby PQ.

Additionally, our converter employs advanced gamut mapping and “soft clip” technology – preventing very saturated colours that are valid in a larger source colourspace from becoming “clipped” and ugly in a smaller destination colourspace.

We can directly convert between

  • DCI P3
  • P3 D60
  • P3 D65
  • DCI X'Y'Z'
  • Rec 601
  • Rec 709
  • Rec 2020
  • Rec 1886
  • ACES
  • Dolby Perceptual Quantisation (SMPTE 2048)

We also have the technology to convert to and from legacy colourspaces.


RPS Film Imaging