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RPS Film Imaging is proud to announce its involvement with 3D 4K Giant Screen project “Earthflight”

Earthflight, the first giant screen film from award winning Bristol production company John Downer Productions, documents a year in the life of several species of birds, following their migration patterns as they travel around the world. John Downer Productions have won many international awards for their work and is responsible for many well known television programmes including “Snow Chick – A Penguin's Tale” which was broadcast on BBC One on Christmas Eve, and the ground-breaking “Lion – Spy In The Den” which introduced the now famous “Bouldercam”.

RPS was involved from the film's inception and was responsible for image enhancement and detail recovery in several key scenes of the film, the film's colour pipeline and many deliverables including DSM and DCDM creation, 3D 4K digital cinema packages (DCPs) and no less than 45 LTO 6 tapes. Additionally, RPS performed on site calibration at JDP's post production facility, calibrating their NEC NC900 digital cinema projector and Sony stereoscopic monitors for the P3 colourspace which is optimal for post production.

A pipeline utilising custom tools was developed by RPS that enabled JDP to upload revised sections of the film and those tools would rapidly update the master files kept at RPS and create 3D version file DCPs that were returned to JDP for screening and further revision. This enabled fast iterative working and was key to achieving the best possible result.

Toward the end of post production, the 2D and 3D 20 minute versions of the film and a 2D version of the full 40 minute film were conformed at RPS from the master files on a DaVinci Resolve system set aside for this film.

John Downer said of his experience working with RPS “Simon is a delight to work with and has been incredibly helpful at every stage in the post production. He has a very calm and considered approach and is diligent in the pursuit of ultimate quality. We could not recommend him more highly."

Anna Fuller, 3D Post Production Supervisor at John Downer Productions also said “…couldn’t've finished the film without him… his technical knowledge, and ability to develop processes specific to our project, and his calm and cheery demeanour, enabled me to concentrate on the final picture content; Stereo 3D and Colour Grade…"

Simon Burley, owner of RPS, said “It was a wonderful experience to work so closely with the highly skilled and creative team at JDP; the film looks truly fantastic on the giant screen which is a testament to their attention to detail.”



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